Sepco Company started its activities in 2003 in the field of production, distribution and implementation of all kinds of glass, aluminum and steel fences and has taken an effective and positive step in promoting the modern construction industry. The company is an official member of the Aluminum Union of Iran and is proud to receive the Certificate of Appreciation of the country's exemplary entrepreneurs from the Honorable President. Sepco's products have several features that make this series one of the first, best and most prestigious specialized fence, shelter and protection companies in the country: Sepco's stair railing and anodized aluminum shields for durability and durability. In the face of rustiness and appearance, which does not change color under any circumstances, this product is increasingly welcomed for use in residential and office buildings so that in areas with humid climates, Stair railings and aluminum shields replace almost all types of metal and non-metal railings such as railings. Oil, iron fences and railings have been made and the users of these metals are added every day. The combination of these fences with shielded glass shields gives it a double appearance that is used as interior decoration in the shops and offices.
Inadequate cast iron fences and balconies used in balconies and window shields due to the exposure to rain and snow and due to the rusting properties, after a while their strength has been reduced, requiring continuous painting. Sepco aluminum railing due to its resistance to rust and also the appearance of silver, bronze, gold and wood designs as well as their transparency and gloss, is a good choice for use in balconies and window shields. They are.

Here are some of the projects that Sepco has done in the provinces of Tehran, Fars, Alborz, Isfahan, Hamedan, Zanjan, Qazvin, Hormozgan, Kish and Qeshm islands and other cities, if any respectable customers are willing to see. Quality inquiries and installation projects of the company can be obtained by getting the exact address and the name of the owner near them:

Subway of Imam Khomeini Airport
Imam Khomeini Relief Committee Headquarters
Islamic Azad University of Tehran North (Hakimieh)
Tehran Milad Tower
Hotels, Buildings and Villas located in London, Najaf, Karbala, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Kabul
JBT House Building in Africa
Petro Chemie Jam Asalouyeh
The Guardian Council bergamot
Diamond Fardis Business Center, Patrice Mehrshahr Business Center
Kish 5 Star Hotel, Ershad Sarein Hotel, Noor Hotel
Cyrus Carpet Market
Noor Shahriar Hospital
Iran University of Technology
Islamic Advertising Organization of Kalardasht
Khorramabad Lorestan Electricity Department
Ardestan Combined Cycle Power Plant
Metro stations Dr. Shariati and Sadr
Collaborating on many projects with Kisson, Stratus and Structural Toos
Housing co-operative Noorista Plastic Eshtehard
Chi Toz factories, Pasta Gold, Heat Tab, Roten Gran Parse, Paya System and Arya Diesel
Velenjak Taleghani Hospital, Behbod Clinic
Chista Karaj
Representatives of Patris Carpet and Emerald Carpet in Mashhad
Delicate Sports Dealers
Nursery of Imam Ali
Alborz University of Medical Sciences, Garmsar Azad University
Iranian Leasing Building: Ashrafi Esfahani Street and Yousefi Street
Capital Bank of Paul Geisha, Abuzar Khiliban and Republic Avenue
Hyundai Dealers
Representatives of Samsung and LG in Karaj and Tabriz
Bank Parsian Azadegan
Cyrus stores
Saadat Abad Mosque in Kaj Square
Milad Commercial Office Complex Qods
Chalus Road Pamchal Restaurant
West Crimea Crime Lab
Mashhad leather dealer Vanak Square and Republic Square
Shamim representation of the first square of Raja'i Shahr
Karaj Azadegan Memorial Tower
Rajai Shahr Three Way Export Bank
Saffronia, Velenjak, Qaytariyah, Farmanieh, Petroleum, Damavand and Fasham residential buildings
, West Town, Railway Town, Arya Shahr, Punk, Azadshahr and Geisha Residential Buildings in Saadat Abad
Residential Buildings, Sheikh Baha'i, Sabalan, Shah Abdul Azim, Tehran Pars, Wooden Bridge and Pasdaran
Commercial and Residential Buildings in Azimieh, Gohardasht, Baghestan, Jahanshahr, Mehrshahr, Mehravila and Banafsheh Town of Karaj
Residential Villas in Kordan, Aqdessia, Zafaraniyah, Soheiliyeh, Safaieh, Safarieh, Chandar, Charbagh, Tawassia, Barghan, Abike and Hashtgerd
Kian Pars Residential Buildings of Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Garash, Bushehr and Lar
Villas and commercial buildings in Hamedan, Malayer, Nahavand and Boroujerd
Ramsar, Rasht, Shahsavar, Kalardasht, Kalachai and Chalus Residential Villas
Esfahan Moshaqat and Mosley Street Residential Units
Residences of Masareh, Khomeini Shahr and Kashan
Isfahan Industrial Units of Mahmood Abad Industrial City